1. post/75177262993/an-apology-and-brushes

    So I was also having trouble with the brushes. This was how it came out following Ani’s instructions:


    That was picture Number one of the charcoal stick : )


    That was picture Number two : )

    I could really use some help? What did I do wrong?


    Is this the image that you used to get the brush? 

    Unless you used a different image, you should have gotten the same results as the brush in the post.


  2. Is there a file size limit to opening up an image before FireAlpaca starts crashing?

    I suppose it is possible, but I’ve never tried. 


    Anyone know?

    Do you have any tips for people who use FireAlpaca with a mouse?

    My tip is to continue to be awesome because I can’t even draw with a mouse! But in all honesty, the best tip I can give you is practice makes perfect and FireAlpaca added a curve tool which might help you out with making some curves!


    Every version of firealpaca i have used the colour always turned white after a bit of use and i couldn't change it?Hopefully this makes sense?

    Anyone know?

    I've begun to have an issue with the color select tool. I'm trying to select a red color off my picture and rather than becoming the proper color, my pen color goes straight to white. Is there any way to stop this?

    Anyone know?

    hello! i'm just skimming so forgive me if this has been answered before, but my lines tend to be excessively jittery unless i have the brush/pen stabilizer at its highest setting, even then it's a little jittery. also, the brush itself isn't aligned with the tip of my cursor (it's... somewhat beneath it?) so it's been frustrating to guess where my next brush stroke is going to end up. my tablet cursor works fine otherwise. is either problem fixable?

    I don’t know if it still down that marker looking thing as the cursor but you can change it to the brush size by going View > Brush size. And someone made a post about how to increase stability with a tablet but I can’t seem to find the post (will update if I find it).


    How do you remove the white from a scanned image? I know that i can just set that layer to multiply, but i worry that the white will show up again when i try to save.

    See this post: 


    How do I add brushes using the bitmap? Cause when I try to add brushes using it, all I get is firealpaca opening up my files @_@ (sorry if you can't understand my question, i'm not the best at wording things unfortunately)

    When the pops up, you have to search your files for the image you want to use to create the new brush.


    Is there a way to make a glitch effect in FireAlpaca?

    I’m not sure what you mean. Could you send an image?


    i have had firealpaca for a while and ive noticed that I do not have a water color or a blur tool. help?

    Try creating them with the add brush button.